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Ewen Maddock Dam

Ewen Maddock Dam was constructed in 1973 across the Addlington Creek, a tributary of the Mooloolah River. It was built to supply town water for the fast growing regional communities. It is one of the smaller lakes on the Sunshine Coast with a surface area of 370 hectares, holds approximately 16,500 mega litres, and has an average depth of about four and a half metres. The lake is located approximately 5 kilometres east of the country town of Mooloolah. The lake consists of weed beds, lilypads and sedge weed on the outer perimeters of the lake with many Melaleuca trees also lining the edges of the tannin stained water.

The Group conducted their first fingerling release into Ewen Maddock Dam in February 2011 which was the first stocking activity in the lake for over 10 years. As a result of this success and the enthusiasm and dedication of the members of the Group it has now been voted and agreed that EMFMInc will also manage the stocking program for Baroon Pocket Dam. This expanded role was prompted by the QLD Government Department of Environment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI). With the assistance of DEEDI officers, five year management plans for the fish stocking of Ewen Maddock and Baroon Pocket Dams have now been drafted and approved.

Stocking History

Year Australian Bass Golden Perch Silver Perch Saratoga Mary River Cod Fish Stocked Per Hectare
1979-1980 - - 500 - - 1.35
1980-1981 - - 1,000 - - 2.7
1997-1998 8,000 - - - - 21.56
2000-2001 4,545 - - 70 - 12.44
2010-2011 17,500 8,000 3,500 - - 78.17
2011-2012 25,000 - - 15 - 67.61
2012-2013 8,000 - - - - -
2014-2015 31,500 2,000 - - - 90.54
94,545 10,000 5,000 85 - 296.29

Freshwater angling species native to the catchment include, Australian Bass, Eels, Jungle Perch, Tandans, Garfish and Spangled Perch. Of these species, only Tandans, Garfish and Spangled Perch are able to reproduce in freshwater impoundments. Stocked species include Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch and Saratoga to date with the hope to include Mary River Cod in the future. Of these species only Saratoga can reproduce in freshwater impoundments. The history of early stocking in Ewen Maddock Dam is poorly documented. Limited stockings of Silver Perch occurred in the 1979-1980 and 1980-1981 seasons. Around this time there was substantial stocking of Murray Darling Golden Perch by the Borumba Hatchery, but this was never documented. The Caloundra City Council first stocked Australian Bass in the 1997-1998 seasons. A follow up stocking was conducted in 2000-2001 by QFS and the Caloundra City Fish Stocking Association. Seventy Saratoga were also introduced in the same season. In 2010 Ewen Maddock Fish Management Inc (EMFMInc) was formed and their management plan was approved to stock Australian Bass, Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Mary River Cod and Saratoga. In February 2011 EMFMInc stocked 29,000 fingerlings into the lake comprised of Bass and the two Perch species, however, Mary River Cod and Saratoga werent able to be stocked due to a lack of availability of fingerlings. This EMFMInc inaugural stocking was the single largest fingerling release into the lake since it was constructed.


Ewen Maddock Dam has day use facilities for visitors wanting to experience this picturesque part of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. There is a wheelchair friendly boardwalk, a playground, walking tracks, picnic tables, BBQs & toilets along with a concrete launching ramp for kayaks and canoes.

Boating & Kayaking

Boating & Kayaking

No propelled vessels, kayaks and canoes are allowed to be used on the lake due to the presence of the noxious Cabomba weed. This weed propagates when it is cut and there is the possibility of it contaminating other lakes if filaments of the weed are caught on the underside of vessels, boat trailers and propellers. Ewen Maddock Dam is therefore a body of water for paddled and wind assisted craft only. SEQ Water controls access to the lake, generally being open to the public from 6.00am to 6.00pm. Access outside these times requires special permission. Users should note that it is a privilege to be allowed access on the lake by SEQ Water and all rules and regulations should be respected and followed to ensure these facilities remain open to the public.



Angler's require a (SIP) Stocked Impoundment Permit whilst fishing on Ewen Maddock Dam and fishing the lake is restricted to paddle kayaks and canoes along with land based angling only. In the late 1990s a stocking group was formed and a small amount of fish were stocked into the lake. The lake was stocked with Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Mary River Cod and Saratoga. Spangled Perch and Tandans (Eel Tailed Catfish) are also naturally occurring in Ewen Maddock Dam. In 2010 EMFMInc submitted a Management Plan which included Silver Perch to the aforementioned list of stocking species. This Plan was approved and in early 2011 a total of 29,000 Australian Bass, Golden Perch and Silver Perch fingerlings were released. Unfortunately, Tilapia have been illegally introduced into this lake in the past. These fish are a declared noxious pest in Queensland and it is unlawful to possess them alive or dead or to use them as bait. Anglers should note that penalties of up to $200,000 apply. If Tilapia are caught they must be destroyed humanly and buried on the foreshore.

Camping & Accommodation

Wildeco Adventure Camps caters for weekend group camping and corporate events with full facilities and amenities on their 200 hectare site on the foreshore of Ewen Maddock Dam. Bookings are essential. For more details, contact Wildeco through this link . For other accommodation there is a wide variety of accommodation available on the Sunshine Coast to suit any budget.

For more details regarding other activities, water levels and general information at SEQ Water sites, visit

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