Information on Baroon Pocket Dam


Constructed in 1988 on Obi Obi Creek, Lake Baroon (Baroon Pocket Dam) has a surface area of 400 ha, an average depth of 15 metres and holds some 60,000 ML of water. It is situated 7 km NE of Maleny & 4.5 km SW of Montville. The lake is elevated approximately 450 metres above sea level with steep undulating mountains forming the edge of the lake.

Stocking History

Year Australian Bass Golden Perch Mary River Cod Fish Stocked Per Hectare
1989-1990 4,000 20,000 - 60.00
1991-1992 - 24,000 3,500 68.75
1992-1993 3,000 - 500 8.75
1993-1994 6,333 - - 15.83
1994-1995 - - 900 2.25
1995-1996 10,333 - - 25.83
1996-1997 9,000 - 1,340 25.85
1997-1998 8,000 - - 20.00
1999-2000 27,335 - - 68.34
2011-2012 15,000 - - 37.50
2014-2015 2,000 - - 5.00
85,001 44,000 6,240 338.10

Like Ewen Maddock Dam there are naturally reproducing native fish species in Lake Baroon including Eels, Tandans, Garfish and Spangled Perch. Between 1989 and 1992, Caloundra City Fish Stocking Association stocked Baroon Pocket Dam with the assistance of Local and State Governments. A substantial quantity of Golden Perch were stocked with limited quantities of Australian Bass. It soon became apparent that the Australian Bass were the main draw card for recreational anglers. Around this time Mary River Cod were also introduced in this lake as its feeder creeks were part of the original domain of this species prior to the demise in their numbers throughout their range, which almost forced them into extinction. Between 1993 and 2000 large scale stocking of Australian Bass occurred along with just over 2,000 Mary River Cod. From the year 2000 there were native fish stocked into Lake Baroon, however poorly documented stocking records has resulted in accurate figures being unable to be obtained. The former stocking group ceased operation around the year 2000 and the Dam has not been stocked since. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch fish in this beautiful waterway which reduces its attractiveness to anglers. In 2011 EMFMInc successfully applied to become the management organisation responsible for restocking Baroon Pocket Dam. A 5 year Management Plan has been approved which permits annual stocking of Australian Bass and Mary River Cod only.


Baroon Pocket Dam has some fantastic day use facilities for visitors wanting to experience a unique part of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. There is a playground for the kids, walking tracks, picnic tables, BBQs & toilets within the designated picnic areas.

Boating & Kayaking

Boating & Kayaking

No combustion engines are allowed on Lake Baroon, however electric motors are permitted. This is different to Ewen Maddock Dam in which no propeller craft (including kayaks or canoes) are permitted. There are restricted areas of Lake Baroon into which entry is prohibited. These include Obi Obi Creek and Bridge Creek. SEQ Water controls access to the lake, generally being open to the public from 6.00am to 6.00pm. Access outside these times requires special permission. Users should note that it is a privilege to be allowed access on the lake by SEQ Water and all rules and regulations should be respected and followed to ensure these facilities remain open to the public.



Stocked species include Australian Bass, Golden Perch & Mary River Cod as well as the naturally occurring Eels, Tandans & Spangled Perch. The Obi Obi Gorge below the dam wall is one of the few remaining places where Mary River Cod are maintaining a wild population. The taking of Mary River Cod is totally prohibited in Baroon Pocket Dam (Lake Baroon), Obi Obi Creek and the Obi Obi Gorge. The use of lead sinkers is also prohibited in Lake Baroon and like Ewen Maddock Dam, as of 2016 anglers require a (SIP) Stocked Impoundment Permit before fishing. EMFMInc has recommenced annual stocking with effect January 2012.

Camping & Accommodation

There is no camping permitted at Lake Baroon, however it is in close proximity to the major Sunshine Coast coastal towns of Caloundra and Maroochydore and the Blackall Range, towns of Maleny, Mapleton and Montville.

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